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Our large product selection covers all the needs of the food industry in the field of carriers and aromatic additives. The combination of our integrated scientific approach and the careful selection of the raw materials guarantees the quality, originality and safety of our spice blends. In addition we constantly strive to improve existing products and to find new production methods. Therefore you can be sure to collaborate with the most dynamic partner: FiT!

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blue-bullet-2Increasing your product quality using a 100% natural ingredient

fiche-freshfit Freshfit AOX is a special product that is the outcome of Laboratoires FIT research to maximise
the quality of all our food. Freshfit AOX is an optimal blend of natural antioxidants and natural
preservatives covering a wide spectrum of foods.

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blue-bullet-2Ensure an appealing gratin effect for your cheese, even in the microwave

fiche-gratinizer GRATINIZER is an innovative mixture that naturally produces a traditional gratin finish.
A light dusting on a decorative lasagne cheese gives an attractive, delicious gratin effect
in the microwave.

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blue-bullet-2A unique flavouring to naturally enhance the taste of your creations

fiche-kokumi An innovative product stemming from the research conducted by the FiT laboratories, the
KOKUMI flavouring is a specific blend of natural aromatic ingredients giving rise to a unique
experience for your consumers’ palates.
Our water- and fat-soluble flavouring is the answer to the need to heighten flavour adding a
rich smoothness.

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blue-bullet-2Voor een optimale smaak en structuur

fiche-optimizer OPTIMIZER NFV is een exclusief product dat door de FIT laboratoria ontwikkeld werd om de kwaliteit van het vlees op natuurlijke wijze te verbeteren.
OPTIMIZER NFV is een unieke combinatie van natuurlijke extracten die actomyosine beter oplosbaar maken, zodat het vochtgehalte van het vlees op natuurlijke wijze op peil blijft.
OPTIMIZER NFV is 100 % natuurlijk en geschikt voor zowel gegaard als rauw vlees.

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blue-bullet-2For even better meat which keeps longer

fiche-vegimax VEGIMAX is a powder derived from controlled fermentation of vegetables with natural
antioxidants and natural preservatives. It is high is natural nitrites which improve meat colour
and increase storage time. VEGIMAX is also suitable for vegetarian products.

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blue-bullet-2To be absolutely certain that your preparations set

fiche-freshfit FITOGEL is an innovative, carrageenan-based mixture that promotes optimum setting and minimum
syneresis after your products have been cooked, frozen, or thawed.
With its superior yield, FITOGEL will ensure that your products are top quality.

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