Legal Notices and General Conditions of Use

These General Conditions of Use govern use of the services offered on the website as all information and content available on this website (hereinafter called « the Website ») that the Food Ingredients Technology Company (hereinafter called « FIT ») makes available to internet users.

1. Website

Use of the website makes you a user of it and carries with it your complete acceptance of all conditions set out in these General Conditions of Use of the Website according to the version published by FIT at the time when the user uses the Website. Consequently, the user must carefully read these General Conditions of Use each time he intends to use the Website, these General Conditions of Use possibly having been changed in the meantime.

Use of certain services made available to users is subject to certain special conditions which, as applicable, will replace, complete and/or modify these General Conditions of Use. Consequently, the user must also carefully read these special conditions for the use of these services.

2. Protection of privacy and personal data

On the FIT Website you may access the Website Privacy Protection Clause. This Privacy Protection Clause contains the rules and regulations under which FIT may automatically process data that you provide to FIT by accessing certain services or contents that are available on the Website.

3. Website contents

Information found on this Website is provided to users exclusively for informational and commercial use.

FIT will make every effort to monitor and update the information published on this Website. However, FIT cannot guarantee the accuracy and legality of information published on the Website and may not be held responsible for misprints or any other error or inaccuracy affecting the content of the Website.

Similarly, FIT gives no guarantee as to the suitability of the information in the documents and materials in any form whatsoever or for whatever purpose. All documents, information and materials are provided as is, with no guarantee expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied guarantees of fitness for sale, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership or legality.

FIT does not guarantee continuous availability or accessibility of the Website, nor services offered on the Website. FIT does not control and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or anything on the Website content that may cause changes in your computer system (software or hardware) or electronic documents or documents stored in your computer system. FIT does not guarantee the legality, reliability or usefulness of the contents available on the Website.

If information listed on the Website about a product, such as its price, is incorrect, FIT reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order for such product, independently of whether or not the order has had its price confirmed.

4. Webmaster

The Webmaster is:
Food Ingredients Technologies
Chemin du Fundus, 8
B-7822 Ghislenghien – Belgium

Tel: +32 68 250 230
Fax:+32 68 250 233

5. Limitation of Liability

FIT does not offer any guarantee relating to operation of the Website and may not, subject to applicable rules, be held responsible for the use or inability to use the Website, direct or indirect damages arising from the use or inability to use the Website nor generally for any event related to the Website and/or any third party site. FIT may not in particular be held responsible for any partial or total pirating or unauthorized access of the Website nor for any damage that such pirating may cause.

FIT reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify the Website or close it temporarily or permanently, without prior notice or entitlement to compensation. FIT will not be responsible as a result of a modification, interruption or suspension of the site.

6. Use of the Website

All users accessing the Website undertake to use it in compliance with the law and with these General Conditions of Use, and in accordance with moral principles, good conduct and the public interest.

Consequently, users are not authorized to use the services and contents (including, without limitation: texts, photographs, icons, software, links, sounds, audiovisual content, etc., and the graphic design and source codes) available on the Website for any purpose which is unlawful, prohibited, immoral or contrary to morality or the public interest or affecting any right of any third party. Users shall refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the contents by using other methods or procedures than those provided or indicated on the Website.

7. Links

This Website may contain links to other websites managed by third parties. Inclusion of these links is intended only to facilitate user access to information, content and services.

FIT has no control over the abovementioned websites linked to and rejects any liability in relation to the information, material or content published on these sites, their operation, availability, legality, reliability or use and is not responsible for links that these websites have towards other websites.

The fact that a link is created to a third party’s website does not mean the FIT gives an approval or guarantee regarding the accuracy and/or reliability of information that may be found on the third party’s website nor any other form of guarantee of quality and similarly does not imply any collaboration whatsoever between FIT and those responsible for such websites.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

The Website is an original creation whose content and structure are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. The illustrations, logos, designs, images, sounds and other materials used on this Website are also protected by copyright. All trademarks, logos and company names referred to are or may be registered trademarks or logos belonging to their respective owners. Consequently, use of or access to the Website and/or its services does not give the user any rights on logos, registered trademarks and/or specific symbols mentioned.

It is strictly forbidden to copy, adapt, translate, rework, modify or distribute the Website in whole or in part, to create links to the Website in any form or manner whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without first obtaining the written authorization of the copyright holder. Any violation of the above may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

9. Term and termination

Access to the Website or other services is indefinite in principle. However, FIT may terminate or suspend access to the Website and/or to any of the services offered on the Website at any time.

10. Information

FIT does not claim property rights on the content that you transmit to FIT by email or another method, such as questions, comments and suggestions.

By publishing, uploading, submitting, sending a contribution, you grant FIT the right to use what you have sent in relation to its activities, including, without limitation, the right to publish, distribute, copy, adapt, translate, rework or edit your contribution, as well as to publish your name in connection with your contribution. FIT reserves the right to publish or to not publish your contributions on the Website, to modify or adapt them, or to translate them into any language, to store them online or elsewhere or to delete them at any time, without prior notification. Likewise, FIT may use the ideas, concepts or know-how included in such contributions for any purpose, such as for development of specific products or services. You will not be entitled to any compensation for use of texts submitted to us, as defined herein.

By publishing, uploading, submitting or sending your contribution, you guarantee and declare that you own all the rights relating to your contribution or that you hold them in another manner, as described herein, including, without limitation, all necessary rights to publish, express, download, submit or send the communications.

11. Applicable law and competent court

Access and use of the Website is governed by the relevant national legislation. Only local courts have jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising therefrom.

12. Preservation of FIT’s rights

FIT will at all times protect its rights by all legal means at its disposal and will not hesitate to raise the appropriate legal and extralegal prosecutions.

13. Copyright Information

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All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

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